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A Township Map shows information at "street-level" within a single town or suburb area. Features such as car parking, street addresses, shopping etc are clearly depicted.

The cartographers job involves preparation of a suitable scaled township base map, a customized map design to suit the clients needs, and research into location of the desired features. The latter commonly involves a "field" trip to ensure the information is as current as possible.


Barwon Heads

These township maps are often used by real estate agents or local groups.

This map is of Barwon Heads.


Sydney CBD

This map was produced for CBRichard Ellis, property agents.

The Sydney CBD precincts are shown in detail, accurate lot boundaries locate major buildings and developments.


Ocean Grove

Township maps can be customised in several ways.. to suit whatever your requirements are.

This sample has been adapted to use the company corporate colours.

The company office location can also be shown



Usually supplied at A4 or A3 size, depending on the size of the town, township maps are commonly used for promotional purposes.

Street indexes can also be provided as a Word document.. you won't lose customers if you give these maps out.



A sample of a township map of Shepparton.



Township maps can cover small towns



Township maps may be suburbs or portions of larger city maps.



Aireys Inlet

Township map of Aireys with tourism locations identified.


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