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textbooks and atlases

The Heinemann Atlas.

For over ten years Country Cartographics has been contracted by the publisher to prepare and edit all the map artwork for this award-winning publication



The Longman Atlas of Singapore and the World.

Working alongside a team of geographers and designers, Country Cartographics are contracted to prepare the map artwork for this large and interesting project.

Mapping work involved creating geographical and human feature maps, as well as more specific atlas-style maps.


New Perspectives

Samples of maps we prepared for this VCE textbook published by the Geography Teachers Association of Victoria


BTN Primary Atlas



We can create a textbook map for any theme.. this one shows coffee producing countries in the world.


Historical explorers

Australian Time Machine

A sample of a series of maps prepared for a MacMillan textbook



Australian Geography Teachers Association

A map of Greece prepared for an AGTA publication



This site is graphically rich, as we want to show the best possible examples of our work. Please be patient as images load.

Website updated regularly.

Country Cartographics provides custom map artwork, including:

- books, brochures and other printed publications

- large-scale prints for wall hangings and displays

- interactive or animated maps for web pages or data presentation

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