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Interactive maps designed for web use, internal services or presentations, are a specialised field of mapping. With our years of cartographic experience and our commitment to utilising the latest technology, Country Cartographics are the right people to trust to deliver what you need from this exciting new field.

This simple digital map was created for Tattersall Funeral Care in Geelong.

Simple, zooming maps such as this are great tools to show visitors to your website how to find your premises.


This interactive presentation was developed for property developers CB Richard Ellis in early 2004. It is designed as a standalone application for CB Richard Ellis to use in presentations to clients.

The principle is to show data related to rental availability, pricing and return in different areas of each major city of Australia and New Zealand.

Starting off with a basic map of the region, users click to gain access to each individual city and the data for each region in that city.

In addition to this, the data is used to generate graphs that make it easy to compare rental returns across the country.

Contact information for CB Richard Ellis, property rental guidelines and other material was also presented.

All the data displayed in this application is stored in an external text file, making it easy for the client (CB Richard Ellis) to update the data as time goes on, without the need for special software or programming skills.

This application was created using Macromedia Flash MX.

The Allen Bradley Distributors Group of Australia commissioned us to produce an online interactive showing the regions that each distributor controls.

This site is designed to show prospective buyers of Allen Bradley merchandise who their local supplier is.

Visitors to the site scroll over the regions to see the boundary lines and name of the distributor. A click will bring up the distributor's information in a new window.

This project comprises four maps, each zooming to better levels of detail in crowded regions.

We completed this project in early 2004, utilising the technologies of Macromedia Flash for the interactive map and Dreamweaver for the site design.

Interactive maps make an effective sales and presentation tool.

Here at Country Cartographics we produce high-quality interactive maps for companies like CB Richard Ellis and the Allen Bradley Distributors of Australia.

With people trained and experienced in cartography and multimedia, this partnership creates interactive maps like you've never seen before!

Each map can display what you want, have areas that zoom and pan, move from country to state to city maps and provide statistics or other information when areas or links are clicked. Statistics can produce graphs or tables on the fly and can be read from external data files for easy updating. Smooth animations and funky design gives you the edge.

Because they are made with Macromedia Flash our interactive maps are cross-platform compatible and can be placed within a website or used as a standalone application to impress clients.

The process

First, we get an idea from you what will need to be shown on the maps, the details etc required and how many different maps will be needed throughout the application.

The base maps are created with the precision of AutoCAD by a senior cartographer at Country Cratographics. These tailor-made maps are then imported into Macromedia Flash, where interactivity is applied, and statistics or any other information as required.

The entire process is designed to make a custom application specifically for the requirements of each individual client. Your needs and wishes are paramount at every step.

The end product

The result is a Flash-based interactive map, as simple or as complex as you require. From a simple zooming location map on your website to a fully interactive, standalone application used to present sales figures to prospective clients, we can provide what you need.

Your company's graphic design is also taken into consideration, so that the interactive map will seamlessly match the rest of your marketing tools.

Statistical data like sales or rental figures can be read from external data files and integrated to produce tables or graphs. Updating the information in our maps is as easy as editing a text file.


We pride ourselves on customer service and competitive pricing. We provide what you want at a price you can afford.

Please, contact us and tell what we can do for you.



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Country Cartographics provides custom map artwork, including:

- books, brochures and other printed publications

- large-scale prints for wall hangings and displays

- interactive or animated maps for web pages or data presentation

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