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A Guide Map is a base map with the facilities that are referred to in the guide highlighted in some way.

The cartographers job involves preparation of a suitable scaled base map, including a customized map design to suit the publication, and the plotting of the facilities from a list provided by the client.

City of Greater Geelong Environmental Unit Wetlands Trail Brochure.

No background clutter makes this map clear and readible for the eco-wanderer.

The map design by Country Cartographics allows the wetland symbols and numbers, referred to in the surrounding brochure, to have priority over the remainder of the graphic detail.


State maps created for Choice Hotels.

Prepared by Country Cartographics for the Choice Hotels Directory , these uncluttered maps give prominence to towns and cities that have Choice Hotel establishments and the main travelling routes across the country.


Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide

Simple and clean is on the menu for these restaurant guide maps.

The black & white maps, produced by Country Cartographics, have been an important feature of the SMHGFG for many years.


Asian Explorer tour and accommodation guide .

The resorts described in the brochure are easily located on this map.

The resort relationship to transport and main tourist features is also clearly shown.



A clean map design is the recipe for this production for the Foodies Guide to Melbourne


Great Ocean Road Walking Guide

This map was produced for a guide to beaches and walks along this popular part of Victoria's coast



This map was produced for a guide to all cinema locations across Australia.


A Guide to Boat Ramps in the City of Greater Geelong



Sydney Good Suburbs Guide

These guide maps are used to give a general location of suburbs featured in the publication


Guide Map to Wineries in the Geelong Region

This map was produced for the Geelong Wine Association


Rough Guides

As freelance cartographers we are often contracted to work to strict design specifications.

Country Cartographics produced this rough guide map. A good example of black & white design.




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