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Really, a map can be adapted to show any sort of geographical based information. Our qualified cartographers have the expertise to create a design that fits the theme and work with the client to find out what they want.

Custom maps may also be called thematic maps.

Geelong Access map

This map shows the CBD of Geelong, and marks points relevant to the disabled.

It has disabled carparks, audio crossings, seats, telephones, path inclination and disabled toilets.

The map features a colour design suitable for the visually impaired


Victorian Country Football League

This map shows the location and connections between the Major and District Football Leagues in Victoria.


Property Council of Australia

Using colour design and removal of clutter, maps prepared for the Property Council of Australia define clearly the property markets in the major cities


Barwon Bike Safety Council

The theme of this map speaks for itself


Uniting Church in Australia

When re-shuffling presbytery boundaries, the Uniting Church found this custom map invaluable to define congregation locations


Surf Coast Shire Dog Maps

These custom maps define the location and classification of the different dog walking areas in the Surf Coast Shire


Department of Human Services

Using colour design and including and labelling the roads along region boundaries, these custom maps accurately define areas of interest.


Air New Zealand Route Map



Q Build

Maps can be customised to only show boundaries and features of interest


Yellow Pages

This map has been customized to suit the style required to depict the coverage of a local telephone directory



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Country Cartographics provides custom map artwork, including:

- books, brochures and other printed publications

- large-scale prints for wall hangings and displays

- interactive or animated maps for web pages or data presentation

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